From jewel like crocus, to vibrant daffodils and tulips we have a wide range of bulbs in stock to choose from at Morris's each autumn.

Once planted, bulbs need very little attention which makes them a favourite with gardeners. They bring a bright splash of colour to early spring borders and look great planted in a 'natural' way in lawns, orchards and other grassy areas. Bulbs also grow well in containers so are ideal for use in window boxes and on patios.

Bulbs like hyacinths and narcissi can also be forced into early growth in pots indoors to add colour and scent at Christmas.


Autumn is the ideal time to plant most bulbs and corms. Early spring flowering varieties like daffodils, crocus, anenomes and narcissi can be planted through September, hardy summer varieties like crocosmia and lillies in October and later flowering varieties like tulips in November. Tender summer flowering varieties of like gladioli are normally planted in early spring and autumn flowering bulbs like nerines in summer.

Bulbs should be planted with their pointed end uppermost. Before planting check each bulb to ensure it is plump and firm - any that are soft and shrivelled should be discarded. As a rough guide bulbs should be planted at approximately 3 times the depth of their own height.