Caring for your Christmas Tree


How to keep your lovely 'real' Christmas Tree in tip top condition for all of the Christmas festivities.

Cut trees

  1. Buy a freshly cut tree. A tree that has been freshly cut will last far longer than one that has been cut and stored for weeks and transported long distances to large retail outlets. At Morris's all our real trees are locally grown and freshly cut. When you get your tree home, use a handsaw to cut a small section (about 1-2 inches)  off the base of the trunk so the tree can take up water more easily. Use a straight cut across the base of the tree rather than an angled or V shaped cut.
  2. Choose a place for your tree to stand away from direct sources of heat which will dry out the needles. Try to avoid placing it in a position where it may get knocked over. If you intend using lights choose somewhere near a power outlet to avoid trailing cables across the floor.
  3. Your tree needs to stand in water. Either in a bucket, using bricks placed around the trunk and base to support the tree in the bucket,  or you can buy a special Christmas Tree Stand with a water reservoir in the bottom. You will need to top up water levels regularly - take care to avoid light cables when you do this. Never let the base of the tree dry out. A well watered tree will shed fewer needles.

Rooted /Potted - Living Trees

  1. Many people buy potted trees with the idea of planting them in the garden after Christmas.
  2. Container grown or potted trees tend to be a lot smaller than cut trees usually between 2.5 - 4ft tall.
  3. A lot of the care will be the same as with cut trees.  You need to choose a cool place for it to stand away from direct sources of heat and ensure the soil around the tree is kept moist at all times.
  4. After Christmas place the tree outside in its pot. You then have the option of planting it out in the garden or re-potting it into a larger pot. If you intend using it for another Christmas you will need to make sure you look after the tree and don't let the roots dry out.



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