Climbers provide a vertical dimension to the garden, clothe arches and pergolas, cover unsightly structures, add fragrance and attract wildlife. Here at Morris's of Usk we have a wide variety of climbers to suit all tastes. From large wisteria dripping with racemes of colour to the heavily scented flowers of jasmine, there’s something to tempt everyone.


Choose the right plant for the aspect and don’t plant too close against its support. Most climbers will need support depending on their habit. Trellises, pergolas, archways, walls can all support climbers with the added use of wire and vine eyes, garden twine or plastic ties. Come out a few inches and angle the plant so that it climbs towards its support. Take the plant off its cane and ties and fan it out/untangle it. Plant in a deep enough hole and water in. Feed as appropriate and spray against pests and diseases.

The one thing to remember when planting clematis be it in a pot or in the garden is to make sure their roots are covered. Plant deep enough to ensure the roots are always submerged in the soil. If planting in a pot a multi-purpose compost with added John Innes will provide just the drainage they need.

We usually have a good selection of  climbers in stock at Morris's but please note that stock changes on a daily basis and if you are looking for a particular variety please ring us before visiting us to check availability and avoid disappointment.