Plant of the month October- Fruit Trees

Plant of the month - October - Fruit Trees

Growing your own supply of fresh fruit what could be nicer! The good news is these days you don't need a massive garden in which to plant a fruit tree. Space for a small dwarf or compact/ bush variety can be found in most gardens or if space is really short why not train one espalier style along a fence or wall.


Unlike bare rooted trees which are best planted during winter when they are dormant, pot grown fruit trees can be planted any time from late summer through until spring. Even if you are intending to grow your tree in a large tub on the patio, pot-grown trees should be transferred from their nursery pot into their permanent home as soon as possible after purchase.

Choose a well drained site which gets some sun and avoid very stony ground and frost pockets. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball when you remove the tree from the pot and firm the soil well as you replace it around the tree once in situ.

Unlike many other plants fruit trees do not require special compost or fertiliser but they will benefit from a good water and mulch once planted.

Fruit trees, even small varieties will benefit from a stake support while their root systems become established.

We have a nice range of pot grown fruit trees in stock at Morris's - both new and heritage varieties. We also sell tree stakes, tree ties and pruning equipment.



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