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Rachel Goat

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Rachel is made by the White Lake Cheese Company at Bagborough Farm in Pylle Somerset, just off the Glastonbury festival site. This unusually shaped goats cheese is made using the milk from the unpasteurised milk from their own beloved herd of Toggenburg, British Alpine and Saanen goats.

Rachel is a semi-firm goats cheese with a lightly washed rind with subtle sweet and nutty lingering flavours. As the cheese matures it is washed regularly in a brine solution which gives it its pinky rind with occasional neon orange and yellow spots. Rachel is a delightfully fragrant cheese, for those who enjoy a cheese that is not too strong or overly ‘goaty’ on the palate.

Rachel is the namesake of one of the cheesemakers friends who, much like the cheese, is sweet, curvy and just a little bit nutty!

Vegetarian & Raw Milk

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