The first alpine plants were imported from the European Alps, hence their name. Alpines come in all shapes, sizes and colours and make a lovely display in rockeries, raised beds, troughs, sink gardens, scree gardens, in stone walls, between paving, around water gardens and in specially designed alpine houses.

With their low-growing habit and hardy nature a space can be found in any garden to grow these wonderful little plants. Some like full sun, others partial shade; some are acid-loving, some lime-loving but they all like well-drained soil or gritty compost, matching the natural stony environment of the mountainous regions from where they originate.

With a bit of weeding, feeding, mulching, dead-heading and pest control you can easily maintain a beautiful alpine garden all-year-round.

We usually have a good selection of alpines in stock at Morris's of Usk but please note that stock changes on a daily basis and if you are looking for a particular variety please ring us before visiting the garden centre to check availability and avoid disappointment.