Whether you are looking for an instant garden full of mature plants that look like they’ve been there for years or you just need to fill in a few gaps shrubs are perfect for providing colour, height and seasonal interest. You’ll be hard pushed not to find something that will cheer up both you and your garden in our A-Z shrub collections at Morris's of Usk.

November to March is the perfect time to buy and plant shrubs while they are dormant. There are beautifully fragrant shrubs like Daphne, Hamamelis, Mahonia, Osmanthus, Sarcococca and Vibernum; shrubs that provide all-year-round interest like Cornus, Ilex and Nandina domestica; and shrubs that never fail to please like Azalea, Camellia and Hydrangea.

We usually have a very good selection of shrubs in stock at Morris's, but please note that stock changes on a daily basis and if you are looking for a particular variety please ring us before visiting the garden centre to check availability and avoid disappointment.